‘Open your world and make an instant photo’

Reference from HEINEKEN Western Europe Export & Global Duty Free:
‘Photoflyer is a very nice interaction between Heineken and consumers! People appreciate to receive a customized polaroid and the outcome is the long lasting branding after an event.’ - Renée


Proud of our worldwide expansion with Heineken!

In 2004 Photoflyer and Heineken started a collaboration for Heineken Bottle. Because of its instant success, this collaboration extended in six other countries! Bar activation is very important to expose your brand. Getting customers triggered to get in touch with your product and especially 1 on 1 contact is valuable. Photoflyer takes care of bar activation and active branding. This is why Heineken was so enthusiastic about Framez Media in the first place. These days, Framez Media also delivers flyers with coupons for quick conversions in bars and clubs. This very extraordinary tool was invented by Heineken and Framez. Because of this, other countries where Heineken is located could not leave behind.

Photoflyers are always working, in every culture and at every hour of the day. It is a plug and play concept what is easily integrated in bars and events. Normally coupons are not sexy, but with a poloroid behind it it’s a whole different story. We measured over 18% of conversions with this new marketing tool!

Analog is becoming more trendy and stays successful in its own way. For Heineken countries who are working with online conversions, is the Photoflyer Share a must!

For local brands like Amstel beer, but also hit and run campaigns, international city, James Bond, UEFA Champions League campaigns and more, we are happy to pronounce to deliver over 1,5 million Photoflyers in 11 years for Heineken International in 48 countries!

Would you like to succeed a great campaign like Heineken?  Check out Photoflyer for our options!