How a simple polaroid can change your campaign!

In  a new online media world, we as consumers are bombed with information. Every minute of the day we see Facebook adds, banners, big billboards on 5th avenue and even website junk is popping in our faces. It’s a bomb of communication, but how can you as a company or brand get in touch with your consumers on a likable level, at an event or on the streets?

Creative marketing companies are searching for the best solutions to get the most out of online and offline conversions. The only problem is that most tools are just trying to trigger your memory for in the future, but are not lasting forever. That’s too bad, because marketing budgets are often quiet big! What would happen when you capture that one moment of brand activation in a simple frame?
We all know that flyers are, in this time of an online world, one of the most wasted marketing tools. They are easily thrown away, without even looking at the content!

What if you are receiving a customized polaroid in a flyer? You would not throw it away so quickly now, are you? You where literately captured in the moment and remember it for many years. We as human beings are loving photos of ourselves, our families, collect special occasions and want to keep a memory that lasts. These vintage and physical polaroids are spread with love and they are sympathetic and unique in its own way! As a brand, you create a perfect smile on your consumers faces and get the chance to be remembered  forever.

Polaroid marketing is one of the strongest tools to keep your brand activated, once and for all In your target group. For consumers, It’s a nice interruption without being annoyed. They even get a nice surprise what creates a ‘press play button’ for more interaction!

What would you think about online sharing of these customized framed polaroids? Maybe you would like to collect data of the target group on your event. Why not ask for their email in a quick survey while they are waiting for their photo to be printed!? Maybe you would like to make your own photo application with customized frames or hardcopy frames with tear-off coupon!
Even after an event or marketing action, offline gifting is one of the many options.

Together with Fuijfilm and Instax, Framez media is still innovating in her products. Fuijfilm has expanded to become an innovative leader since 1934. In this new world of polaroid marketing, anything is possible!

Check out the video for an example of polaroid marketing at a big event!